Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dear, Heart... Fuck you.

It goes like this - when you run a blog called Hamburger Hamburger Hamburger, you pretty much spend your days searching the Internets for new recipes, pics, tips and blah blah blahs...

I'm truly fascinated with Burger People - I really am. Everyday I'm blown away by the thought, engineering, care, and imaginative lengths people will go to reinvent this classic - even if it means future and certain cardiac arrest... Which, by the way, I totally respect.

This unholy (but bloody delicious looking) mess is brought to you by... Wait for it... The Scottish Diet...!!! Here's the schtick...

"The Scottish Diet is an ingenious nutritional system invented by the Scots to keep their pension funds in balance by reducing the number of people who make it beyond the age of 60. like many of the world's smartest inventions (most of them invented by the Scots), it is devilishly simple. It increases the premature death rate through a well-balanced diet."

The Scottish Diet
Any and all thing you can eat
But this proportion always heed:

-A third from fat
-A third from sugar
-A third from alcohol
From time to time, you can eat a small amount of fruits, in the form of jams or preserves, or even better, distilled.

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